label class

Displays text or an image
object widget
This widget can be used to display a text or an image. It can have different frame styles and text/image alignment.
Sets the text to be displayed by the label. The text can contain limited html tags. See also $text().
<string> $text()
Returns the text currently displayed by the label. See also $setText().
<integer> $margin()
Returns current value of margin for this label (default is 0). See also $setMargin().
Sets margin width / height to <margin>. See also $margin().
<boolean> $autoResize()
Returns 1, if auto-resize ability of the label is enabled. See also $setAutoResize().
Sets auto-resize ability to enabled (if <benabled> is 1) or disabled (if <benabled> is 0). If auto-resize is enabled, the label will automagically resize itself accordingly to the 'size' of the text it contains. See also $autoResize().
<string> $alignment()
Returns a string containing alignment flags that are set for this label. The flags are separated by commas. An example output could look like this:
Bottom, Right

See $setAlignment() for explanation of all alignment flags.
$setAlignment(<flag1:string>, <flag2:string>, ...)
This function sets alignment flags, given as parameters, for this label. Valid flags are:
 Right     - Text is aligned to right border
Left - Text is aligned to left border
Top - Text is aligned to the top border
Bottom - Text is aligned to the bottom border
HCenter - Text is horizontally centered
VCenter - Text is vertically centered
Center - Equals HCenter + VCenter
WordBreak - Enables automatic word breaking
It is obvious that you can not set for example Right and Left simoultaneously - this will NOT result in an error message - this will simply not work :)
Clears the label. Equal to calling $setText("")
Returns a string containing this label's frame-style flags, separated with commas. Output from this function could look like this:
Panel, Raised
See $setFrameStyle() for a list of all frame-style flags and their explenation.
$setFrameStyle(<flag1>, <flag2>, ...)
Sets the frame-style flags to the ones passed as arguments. The flags can either decide of the shape or shadow of the label's frame. Valid shape flags are:
 NoFrame     - draw no frame. You shouldn't specify a shadow when using this.
Box - draws a rectangular box. Its borders can be Raised or Sunken
Panel - draws a rectangular panel which can be Raised or Sunken
WinPanel - similar to Panel, but is more in Win95 style
Hline - draws a horizontal line that frames nothing (useful as separator)
Valid shadow flags are:
 Plain       - no 3D effect (draws using foreground color)
Raised - makes the label look like it was raised above the parent widget
Sunken - makes the label look like it was "pushed" inside the parent widget
Sets the image to be displayed on this label. Giving empty argument clears the pixmap
See the image identifier documentation for the explaination of the <image_id> parameter.

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