dockwindow class

A window dockable to the KVIrc main frame
object widget
A window dockable to the KVIrc main frame borders (like a toolbar). The window has an implicit layout that will automatically manage the children depending on the dock window's orientation.
    Adds <widget> to the internal layout of this dock window.
    The widget must be a child of this dock window (otherwise strange things may happen).
<string> $orientation()
    Returns the string "vertical" or "horizontal" depending on the orientation of this dock window.
    Forces the orentation of this dock window. <ordientation> must be either "horizontal" or "vertical".
    Please note that KVIrc sets the orientation automatically when it is moved between the main frame docks by the user.
<bool> $resizeEnabled()
    Returns $true if resizing of this window is enabled and false otherwise.
    Enabled or disabled resizing of this window.
    Sets the allowed main window dock areas for this dock window.
    <docks> must be a combination of "l","r","t","b","f" and "m".
    "l" stands for left dock area, "r" stands for right dock area, "t" stands for the top dock areas, "b" stands for the bottom dock area, "f" stands for "floating" and "m" for "minimized".
    If a flag is present then the related block area is enabled,otherwise it is disabled.
    Docks this dock window to the specified dockarea of the main KVIrc window which can be one of "l" (left dock area), "t" (top dock area), "r" (right dock area), "b" (bottom dock area), "f" (floating) and "m" (minimized).

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